Man trades McDonald’s for sex with woman, gets arrested

If what police allege is correct, Donald Jones is a creep for trading McDonald’s for sex. But he’s also a shrewd negotiator.


Albuquerque, N.M. police claim that Jones, 58, picked up a prostitute in an area renowned for sex workers.

Police then observed Jones take his date to a nearby McDonald’s drive-thru before whisking her over to a park.

According to police reports, Jones bought the food for the woman then asked her how she would reimburse him for it. The trade of sexual favors for Big Macs was on.

Officers confronted Jones shortly after he arrived in the park. As they strolled up to his car, they claim the woman was pulling up her pants.

KOB-TV reports that the woman confirmed to police that she agreed to have sex with Jones in exchange for the McDonald’s.

Jones was also charged with possession of dangerous drugs after police found prescription narcotics in his car during their search.

McDonald’s, prostitutes, and prescription drugs? Donald Jones may not be a great man by traditional societal standards but let it never be sad that the man doesn’t know how to party. Especially if he included a McFlurry in that McDonald’s deal. Nothing gets the night going faster than an Oreo McFlurry or, as I call it, Diabetes Cocaine.