Man Dunks On Wife Who Constantly Fought With Him About His Lottery Addiction By Winning Jackpot

by 5 months ago


Like many of us, Kansas Lottery player Louis V. Kronawitter was convinced his day was imminent. The dude deflected constant push back from his wife, who would make bickering to him about his addiction a competitive sport.

That bickering would come to a screeching halt last week when Louis won $22,000 on a free 2by2 Quick Pick ticket.

He told CJ Online:

“Last Friday, I was sitting at my computer checking my stack of 2by2 and Pick 3 tickets when my wife came in the room bickering at me about how much I’d spent playing the Lottery,” said Kronawitter. “I always check my tickets twice on the Lottery’s website before taking them to a retailer. When I first checked the $22,000 winning ticket, I thought I had won another free ticket. When I checked it the second time, I realized it was worth much more than a free ticket. When I showed my wife how much I had won, she immediately quit bickering. We were both very surprised.”

According to the Kansas Lottery, 2by2 is a daily game that provides eight ways to win and a top prize of $22,000. To win the top prize, Kronawitter matched both red numbers 17 and 24 and both white numbers 10 and 13 in the January 25 2by2 drawing.

Mr. Kronawitter claims that now that he hit big on his decades-long investment, he will retire from the lottery game. Just kidding, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

“It’s hard to explain, but I’ve always known I’d win a big prize and I still have that feeling,” said Kronawitter. “I play Powerball, Mega Millions and Super Kansas Cash, so maybe I’ll be back to claim a big jackpot.”

Louis claims he plans to tithe a portion of his winnings to his church (I call bullshit) and use the rest to help his family. If Louis had any stones, he’d reinvest the entire $22,000 into more lotto tickets. Gotta spend money to make money. Plus, divorce is expensive.

[h/t CJ]