Interactive Map Reveals The Best-Paying Company In Each Of America’s 50 States

Map Best-Paying Company All States


With the job market always seeming to be challenging, we are constantly on the lookout for information and tips to help out our readers when comes to employment and their careers.

From what blunders to avoid to job qualifications to knowing when it might be time to move on, we try to seek out and share anything we think might be of use.

Today we have some new job data compiled by Money magazine who put together a very informative interactive map highlightingthe best paying employer headquartered in each of America’s 50 states.

Using figures compiled by the AFL-CIO for companies in the Russell 3000 stock market index, Money came up with the median pay, aka the mid-point for each company’s payroll, and figured out which company in each state pays the best.

As they point out, many of these top-paying employers have rather small staffs — a few dozen employees or fewer — in niche markets like managing real estate or biotechnology, but there are definitely some exceptions as you will see below.

Here’s a sampling of some of the highest-paying companies by state.

Alabama: Medical Properties Trust, 66 employees, median salary: $241,709
California: Geron Corporation, 15 employees, median salary: $500,250
Colorado: Clovis Oncology, 360 employees, median salary: $256,903
Florida: Xenia Hotels & Resorts, 51 employees, median salary: $228,114
Idaho: IDACORP, 1,972 employees, median salary: $161,297
Illinois: Equity Commonwealth, 54 employees, median salary: $256,235
Indiana: Endocyte, 44 employees, median salary: $233,042
Kentucky: Humana, 45,900 employees, median salary: $57,385
Louisiana: Entergy, 13,000 employees, median salary: $124,000
Maine: WEX, 3,300 employees, median salary: $62,621
Massachussetts: Infinity Pharmaceuticals, 22 employees, median salary: $495,513
Minnesota: Allete, 1,972 employees, median salary: $174,181
Missouri: EPR Properties, 63 employees, median salary: $196,220
New Hampshire: UNITIL Corporation, 514 employees, median salary: $180,984
Oklahoma: Laredo Petroleum, 361 employees, median salary: $138,449
Rhode Island: Textron, 37,000 employees, median salary: $90,025
South Carolina: Blackbaud, 3,182 employees, median salary: $91,328
Utah: Lipocine, 14 employees, median salary: $299,612
Washington: Tableau Software, 3,633 employees, median salary: $199,864
West Virginia: WesBanco, 1,939 employees, median salary: $73,209

View all of the numbers on Money magazine’s interactive map here.

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