Marvel Studios Is Getting Crushed For Its Apparent Decreasing Quality Of CGI Over The Years

Marvel Studios Is Getting Crushed For Its Decreasing Quality Of CGI

Marvel Studios

  • Marvel Studios recently released the first trailer for She-Hulk.
  • Fans of the MCU seemed to be quite concerned with the quality of the CGI.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will hit Disney+ on August 17.

While the erratic quality of Marvel Studios’ CGI work has been a debate amongst fans for a few years now, that conversation seemed to really come to a head with the release of the trailer for She-Hulk, the new MCU series that will hit Disney+ in August.

The trailer has seemed to spark a realization amongst Marvel fans that the quality of CGI arguably looks worse now than it did in the MCU’s first-ever film, 2008’s Iron Man.

This distinction, though, is that She-Hulk is obviously a TV series while the like of Avengers: Infinity War is a feature film — the budget for those two respective projects, regardless of the fact that they both exist within the MCU, is quite different.

Still, there are plenty of examples from recent films that suggest the VFX issue spreads beyond just Marvel’s television division.

Marvel fans are roasting the decreasing quality of CGI in recent years

Personally, as our world becomes further digitized, I’ve just come to accept that shoddy CGI is just a fact of our entertainment reality given the way in which it was used compared to twenty years ago. And here’s the difference: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, for example, actually shot on location at real beaches and in real forests and used CGI to create the character inhabiting the world, whereas Marvel is now using CGI to create the world, too.

That said, I need the story to deliver, which I felt the likes of Moon Knight did not. If the visuals are going to be so-so, then everything else needs to be on point, otherwise, the product is not only unsatisfying but it’s literally hard to look at.

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