Mass UFO Sighting In The Skies Above Detroit And Cleveland On Consecutive Nights Has People Shook

Mass UFO Sighting In The Skies Above Detroit And Cleveland On Consecutive Nights


With the recent surge in UFO sightings, many people are wondering what the cause may be? Is it because the skies are clearer with less smog thanks to people staying at home? Are people just paying closer attention to the sky now that they have more free time? Or are aliens behind the current worldwide pandemic and are now monitoring our world to see if and how we can handle it?

The latest flurry of UFO activity occurred in the skies over not one large metropolitan area, but two as eerily similar sets of lights were spotted, and filmed in both Detroit and Cleveland on consecutive nights last week.

According to a report given to the UFO sighting web site by someone who witnessed the strange phenomenon occur in Detroit, “I got home from store and sat in the driveway for a few minutes before getting out of my vehicle. When I got out to go in the house I looked up and saw a bright light hovering overhead. At first I thought it was ISS and thought to myself, ‘What is the ISS doing? Is that part of the sky tonight?’ because it’s always in the SW section of the sky. I looked over to the SW and there was ISS but not as bright as this object. I think it was much lower at first while it was hovering and pulsating, then it moved in a NW direction and I observed it for about 10-12 seconds as it made a sharp turn toward the east. But what got me was how it turned, it was like a 45 degree angle, but fast and you could see it was climbing in altitude really fast then it disappeared. This all happened in about 20-25 seconds total.”

Here’s a good look at what people were seeing in the skies above Detroit on April 3rd.

And here’s eerily similar video from Cleveland the night after on April 4th.

Commenters on the videos had numerous theories and similar sightings including one in Las Vegas

“Seen them over Detroit Nov. 2011 took pics but ppl thought I was crazy!!! Smh,” wrote one viewer.

“I saw the exact same thing this morning in Stoke-on-Trent UK 👀,” commented another.

“I saw it in Missouri tonight,” one person claimed.

“This is all happening simultaneously, they’re watching our demise, because of this coronavirus lock down, the world economy will collapse,” said another.

“I think disclosure will happen soon. So many UFOs are being filmed all over the world,” another commenter hypothesized.

Some believed the lights to be some of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, but as one commenter put it, “LOL, if satellites exist. That’s just conjecture based on compartmentalized misinformation from public puppets.”

Perhaps that could also be why conspiracy theorists are erroneously (?) claiming 5G is causing the current pandemic?

Regardless of whether or not that’s actually true, one thing is for certain…

the truth is out there



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