Scientist Claims Coronavirus Was Brought To Earth By A Meteroite That Hit China In 2019

Scientist Claims Coronavirus Brought To Earth By Meteroite That Hit China


As of Monday, more than 70,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in mainland China with last Wednesday Wednesday being the deadliest day in the outbreak resulting in at least 242 deaths in the Chinese province of Hubei alone.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the coronavirus epidemic is how did the deadly virus originate?

Chinese scientists have said that despite reports that the coronavirus originated from bats or another animal sold at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China, in their opinion it was more likely to have started in a laboratory rather than the market.

HOWEVER, a scientist from Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, believes that the coronavirus actually originated in a completely different place: space.

Wickramasinghe, a prominent mathematician, astronomer and astrobiologist, told the Daily Express, “The sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus is very likely to have a space connection, the strong localization of the virus within China is the most remarkable aspect of the disease. In October last year a fragment of a comet exploded in a brief flash in North East China. We think it probable that this contained embedded within it a monoculture of infective 2019-nCoV virus particles that survived in the interior of the incandescent meteor. We consider the seemingly outrageous possibility that hundreds of trillions of infective viral particles were then released embedded in the form of fine carbonaceous dust. We believe infectious agents are prevalent in space, carried on comets, and can fall towards Earth through the troposphere. These, we think, can and have in the past gone on to bring about human disease epidemics.”

Did you read that? “Very likely to have a space connection.”

“We believe this could have happened with the novel coronavirus,” he continued.

This isn’t Wickramasinghe’s first rodeo either when it comes to making claims that meteorites are carriers of extraterrestrial microbes, or living organisms, that once on our planet “live in the most inhospitable parts of Earth.”

The good news, sort of, is that Wickramasinghe concludes in a paper submitted to The Lancet that we are more likely to get the coronavirus from a person than from the infected space dust.

The bad news? That fine carbonaceous dust from the October 2019 Wuhan meteorite that infiltrated Earth’s atmosphere may still be falling over cities located beneath its flight path.

“There is growing evidence that says this DNA comes from space and it is carried into our atmosphere on micro-meteorites before dissipating,” Wickramasinghe added. “This disturbing outbreak is due to this, there is no doubt meteorites carry living structures. The pattern of further global spread of the new coronavirus is likely to follow a high level of person-to-person infectivity, the virus will then acquire endemic status.”

So is he right? Did the coronavirus actually originate in space? Are aliens responsible for the deadly outbreak?

the truth is out there


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