Master P Names His Top 5 Rappers Of All-Time, Lil Wayne Makes His List Of Greatest MCs

Master P names his list of the greatest rappers of all-time, puts Lil Wayne in his best rappers.

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Recently, we’ve seen hip-hop artists reveal their list of greatest rappers of all-time including T.I. and Snoop Dogg. Now another legendary rapper, Master P, weighs in on the very controversial topic that very few music fans can agree on the greatest rappers of all-time.

Master P was interviewed by Nick Cannon on the Power 106 hip-hop radio station in Los Angeles to give his opinion on several topics, including providing his list of the top five rappers of all-time.

Nick Cannon asked Master P, who would make his top five rappers of all-time, and he put two of his own No Limit artists on his list.

Master P named Snoop Dogg as the greatest rapper ever, who went from Suge Knight’s Death Row Records to Percy Miller’s No Limit Records. “It gotta be Snoop Dogg off the top,” he said.

Master P’s second-favorite rapper is Tupac Shakur, followed by 2pac’s East Coast rival Biggie Smalls. Then he named Houston rapper and original member of the Geto Boys Scarface.

Rounding out his top MCs in history, Master P named fellow New Orleans rapper and No Limit Soldier Lil Wayne. “That might piss a bunch of people off,” Master P explained. “I gotta be able to give credit to the people where I come from that really went hard.”

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Master P wasn’t about to just give his top five rapper list, he laid down his top eight lyricists of all-time. At number six, Master P went with Eminem, followed by Jay Z, and Bay Area legend E-40, an old school legend who made his rap debut in 1986.

During the Nick Cannon Mornings interview, Master P was asked some other interesting questions. When asked what his “most prized possession was,” Master P replied, “My kids.” Master P said his greatest fear is his “family not getting what they need to get. We have to educate ourselves as a family.”

Master P’s best piece of advice he ever received was to “put God first.” The worst advice he ever received was being told that “it’s all about money.”

Master P’s favorite movie of all-time is Coming to America, a fantastic answer. He added, “It gave you that sense of, ‘man what if I could live like that?'”

If he had to pick only one album to listen to for the rest of his life, Master P elected to select Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.

Master P reveals his top eight rappers of all-time at the 16:55-mark.

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