Matt Taibbi Tells Joe Rogan About The Most Surprising Part Of The ‘Twitter Files’

Matt Taibbi Twitter Files discussion with Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience / YouTube

Author Matt Taibbi is a name that I hadn’t heard in a very long time until Elon Musk recently rolled out Matt and Bari Weiss for the ‘Twitter Files’ releases.

Matt Taibbi’s stayed busy over the years, to be sure, but I don’t believe I’d heard his name in the 10+ years between his time as a Rolling Stone columnist when his writing seemed to be everywhere online and him showing up alongside Elon Musk for the ‘Twitter Files’ releases.

For those who don’t spend all day every day on Twitter, the ‘Twitter Files‘ appeared to be a massive news story. The Twitter Files came out in multiple batches, from multiple journalists, and were tweeted out in threads.

The content consisted of thousands upon thousands of emails and internal communications. The topics ranged from Hunter Biden’s laptop to Donald Trump’s Twitter suspension amongst other things. Whether or not the findings of the ‘Twitter Files’ were shocking varied person to person. Many thought Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files threads were nothing burgers while others saw it as explosive.

Joe Rogan recently hosted Matt Taibbi on The Joe Rogan Experience. He asked the Griftopia author what the most surprising part of the Twitter Files was and Matt didn’t hold back.

Matt Taibbi Tells Joe Rogan About The Most Surprising Part Of The ‘Twitter Files’

When asked if he was surprised by any of the findings, Taibbi started by saying “a little bit.” He goes on to say that he assumed the relationship between the FBI and companies like Twitter was “a little less formal.”

Taibbi says he believed intelligence agencies had “kind of an advisory role” with companies like Twitter. But he claims what he found is that relationship is “very formalized” with a “really intense structure.” Something he goes on to explain more in detail in the video above.