WNBA Legend Maya Moore Announces Her Marriage To The Wrongfully-Convicted Prisoner She Helped Free

Getty Image

Pretty phenomenal feel-good story here. Maya Moore, who left the WNBA to advocate for the release of the wrongfully-convicted Jonathan Irons, is now MARRIED to him. If you’re wondering which movie studios are currently jockeying for the rights to this story, the answer is all of ’em.

The story is detailed at length in this NY Times piece. Obviously Maya Moore is one of those rare athletes who prioritizes her beliefs and morals over her athletic career. Pat Tillman comes to mind. But the real twist here is that Maya fell in love with the man she dedicated years to helping, and he, in turn, fell for her. That sort of “how’d you guys meet?” story will probably make the origin stories for most couples sound pretty weak.

Congratulations to the couple, and thank you to Maya for your incredible dedication to criminal justice reform.




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