Fast-Food Hack Divides The Internet On How To Properly Eat McDonald’s French Fries

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 3:  French fries are shown in a McDonald's restaurant on First Avenue September 3, 2002 in New York City. McDonald's announced plans to use a new cooking oil for its french fries that it says will cut in half the trans-fatty acid levels while increasing the amount of the more beneficial polyunsaturated fat. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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Everybody loves a good lifehack that makes their life easier and so they can tell their friends about an amazing hack like they invented it or something. There is a new fast-food hack that is supposed to simplify your life and make eating McDonald’s French fries better. However, the internet is divided on whether this McDonald’s hack is legit or not.

Many people have attempted to tackle the age-old issue of how to properly dispense ketchup for McDonald’s fries. Some people squeeze their tomato sugar spread on a napkin, but it is flimsy and can easily spill everywhere. If you spray the ketchup into the French fry box then your hands get all bloody red like you just murdered someone. You may spread ketchup on the bag, but the condiment could slide down and get tomato guts all over your car. The tiny paper cups can fall and it’s difficult to dip your fries in them while driving. A new fast-food hack claims to be the remedy for the condiment conundrum.

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A Twitter account named “Today Years Old,” which asks “how old were you when you realized” something hidden but obvious, posted a photo of a McDonald’s hack that is supposed to improve your French fry experience. The tweet asked, “Did y’all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?”

Some people absolutely loved the hack and hailed it a genius gamechanger. But because this is the internet and nobody can agree on anything whatsoever, there were just as many individuals who poo-pooed the idea.

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What if I told you that McDonald’s French fries are so tasty that you don’t need to smother them in ketchup? *ducks from ketchup packs being thrown at him*

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