Meghan McCain Gets Called Out By Neighbor For Falsely Claiming Where She Lives Looks Like A ‘War Zone’

Meghan McCain Called Out By Neighbor For Claiming Area Is A War Zone

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Many areas of the country, including some neighborhoods in New York City have taken a beating as a result of the many protests following the death of George Floyd.

One of those areas that co-host of The View Meghan McCain would like the public to think is out of control with riots is where she lives in Manhattan.

The 35-year-old daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain wrote about how bad things are where she lives to her over 740,000 Twitter followers, “My neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone. DeBlasio and Cuomo are an utter disgrace. This is not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burn to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathomed this.”

Wow. That sounds really bad. Maybe Meghan should go join Sharon Stone in her homemade panic room.

A couple of hours later, someone who lives in the same building as McCain, Kristen Bartlett, who is the co-head writer on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and a former writer for Saturday Night Live, tweeted back at McCain, “Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine.”

Bartlett’s response to McCain currently sits at over 857,000 likes and almost 162,000 retweets, so one might say it spoke to people. And the people, as they often do on social media, they spoke back.

Eh, pretty much the same thing. At least in Meghan McCain’s mind.