Michael Irvin Flirts With Cardiac Arrest While Screaming About A Cowboys Team That Will Undoubtedly Fall Apart At Some Point This Year

WATCH: Michael Irvin Yells, Sweats About Cowboys MNF Win


With Jerry Jones’ latest update on Dak Prescott indicating that they still aren’t sure whether or not he can grip a football, it would appear that Cooper Rush — who has two wins and zero interceptions in three games so far this year — is in line to start against the apparently hapless Washington Commanders in Dallas this weekend.

Given that the Cowboys *should* win that game (when do things ever go wrong when the Cowboys *should* do something, huh?), Rush could likely boast a 3-0 record as a starter this year and a 4-0 record overall, having led the Cowboys to a victory of the Minnesota Vikings last season.

Combine Rush’s legitimately solid, if not unremarkable, play on the field with Jerry Jones’ undeniable willingness to stoke the fires of a QB controversy — he literally said as much, while also saying Rush has the “makeup of a top QB” — and there is a very real albeit unlikely chance that by the time Prescott returns, the calls for Rush to remain as the team’s starter will be widespread.

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Despite the likely unsustainable nature of both Cooper Rush’s and the Cowboys’ success (that said, their defense could wind up being truly special), that didn’t stop former Dallas great Michael Irvin from flirting with cardiac arrest while bloviating about the team on Tuesday morning’s episode of ESPN’s First Take. Stephen A. Smith literally said he’s “sweating like he’s on the field” as a production assistant rushed paper towels to the Hall of Fame wideout.

Michael Irvin nearly blows a gasket on ESPN’s First Take while celebrating the Dallas Cowboys’ Monday Night Football win over the New York Giants

Given that many NFL analysts seem to believe that the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the best teams in the entire NFL, the Cowboys have an uphill battle to win their own division, let alone their own conference and/or Super Bowl.

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