Millennials Are Now Killing Razors Because No Industry Is Safe From Their Wrath

by 2 years ago
millennials killing razors


If the news is any indication, millennials are essentially mass murderers when it comes to killing virtually everything under the sun.

The most recent victim of this endless spree was tipping (which is admittedly not a great look) but it seems like virtually industry out there has a decided it’s easiest to blame millennials for drops in revenue.

On behalf of my generation, I’d like to apologize to all of the companies who are unable to adapt to evolving markets. We definitely shouldn’t blame the people that get paid way too much money to figure out how to adjust to the times.

Now, it appears yet another industry is slowly being strangled at the hands of this merciless generation.

According to Business Insider, the razor industry is the latest victim in this crime spree thanks to a new development that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s been casually following the evolution of social norms for the past decade: beards.

It turns out James Harden’s catchphrase doesn’t just apply to his opponents.

Despite the fact that a number of lifestyle “experts” have claimed millennials are also killing beards, the statistics seem to show otherwise.

Razor sales reportedly dropped by over 5% last year and companies are scrambling to figure out a solution to a problem they could have avoided if the people who get paid to keep track of trends had actually done their job.

Bill Belichick would be so disappointed.

As a proud beard-haver myself (I’m basically required to have one as a writer living in Brooklyn), the price of razors definitely impacted my decision to grow out my beard in addition to another major factor: sheer laziness.

The days of the footlong hipster beard might have come and gone but I don’t think facial hair is going away anytime soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with the razor industry during this difficult time.



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