These Are The 3 MVP’s Of Social Media During Lockdown Thus Far

quarantine mvps

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I think it’s fair to say that since this quarantine started our screen time has understandably gone up at least 20%. I, unfortunately, have found myself diving into hours upon hours of TikTok videos. Just yesterday I found myself watching pitmasters on TikTok smoke and season meats for a good half hour of my day.

It’s definitely not an ideal situation, but it’s the sad reality of my new found quarantine boredom. I do want to take the time to shout out the celebrities during all of this that have stepped up on the entertainment side of things to give us some sort of social media joy. I am going to go ahead and rank the Top 3 social media MVP’s in the entertainment world during this lockdown thus far.

3. Cardi B

Something about Cardi B quarantined has been weirdly fascinating to me. She is almost a sure thing for at least one Instagram Live video a day and she’s yet to let me down. She recently went live with Bernie Sanders, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you support, there is no denying that the combination of the two was instant gold.

2. John Krasinski

Krasinski set the world on fire when he brought good pal, Steve Carrell on his new youtube show called ‘Some Good News.’ It was a massive win and a huge day for 99% of the planet that knows and loves ‘The Office’. There is something about Krasinski that just gives you instant good vibes, he’s the perfect guy to help you escape reality for a bit.

1.Shaquille O’Neal

Are you really surprised here? Shaq came in all guns blazing into the TikTok game and has completely dominated it ever since he joined. In addition to his live webcam shows with the TNT crew, Shaq DJ’ing in the kitchen for his family while they jumped up and down on the counters was one of the better videos I have seen in a while.

Leave it to the big 7-footer to provide instant comedy and entertainment during all this shit. Never change Shaq, never change.