The Most Popular Types Of Food In America (By County) Based On Google’s Location Data

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Google knows everything about it. They can tell you what you’ll be eating for lunch next week. When you’ll use the bathroom at work on a Tuesday. Google knows the middle name of your Great Great Grandma. Bro, you don’t even know her first name!

Simon Rogers is a Data Editor at Google and works on Google Labs projects. He set out to determine the ‘Pizza Capital of America’ using location data but what unfolded was much more intriguing. He was able to figure out the most popular type of cuisine in every county across America. Simon showed the immense popularity of BBQ restaurants in The South. He then did the same for Pizza, Coffee, Mexican, Seafood, Italian, and Sandwich shops.

He released an interactive map feature on Medium where you can compare the popularities of cuisines side by side, but he also published this map which shows the most visited (most popular) types of cuisine at every restaurant in America:

You can CLICK HERE to see the interactive versions on Medium. You can also follow that link to zoom in on the maps and see more detailed information for the county you live in.

So, this dude set out to find the ‘Pizza Capital of America’. You’d think it would be NYC but you’d think wrong. What he found is that Detroit is somehow the Pizza Capital of America. To figure out how he arrived at that conclusion you’ll have to read his article on Medium.

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