Motorola’s Iconic Razr Is Officially Coming Back In January To Make Flip Phones Cool Again

motorola foldable razr phone release date


I can still remember the day my parents decided to buy me my first cellphone and can recall feeling like the coolest kid on the block when I rolled into middle school with my virtually indestructible Nokia and spent my lunch period playing Snake underneath the table in the cafeteria to the envy of my technologically-deprived classmates.

However, it was I who would eventually become jealous as the telecommunication game evolved at an alarming rate over the next few years. As anyone who came of age in the early 2000s knows, flip phones would eventually become the ultimate status symbol for teenagers across America, but if you wanted to be a Certified Cool Kid, there was one in particular that reigned above the rest: the Motorola Razr.

It didn’t take long for the slim and slick Razr to become the phone of choice among the popular crowd upon its release, and while it would ultimately lose its shine after Apple introduced the world to the smartphone a few years after its release, it managed to leave a lasting legacy.

Last year, Motorola announced it would be bringing the flip phone into the modern era when it revealed the Razr would be making a comeback, and while there were rumors the foldable phone would be released in February, they ultimately failed to come to fruition.

However, I’m now happy to announce you’ll have the chance to get your nostalgia fix early next year when the new and improved Razr hits the market in January (you’ll have a chance to preorder it starting on December 26th).

It’s worth noting you’ll have to be a Verizon subscriber and have a spare $1,499.99 sitting around if you want to get your hands on the smartphone, and while only time will tell if the new Razr will be able to generate the buzz that the original one did, it looks like it could be a force to be reckoned with based on the initial response to the recent announcement.

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