Movie Theaters Want To Know Why People Don’t Go There Anymore, Twitter Has Lots Of Answers

Movie Theaters Why People Dont Go


MoviePass isn’t the only film-related company wondering how to make more money with movies. Movie theaters themselves are also trying to figure it out.

While box office numbers are up this year from 2017, when compared to the glory days theaters are still nowhere as packed as they used to be.

Now, for some reason, a podcast from December, Bloomberg’s “Material World”, has been making the internet rounds the past day or so and let’s just say we’re hoping that movie theater chains like AMC and Regal are paying attention.

Lindsey and Jenny talk with Anousha Sakoui, who covers the film industry for Bloomberg, about how movie theaters got into this mess and the challenges that face them in regaining media dominance. Some startups, like MoviePass, which allows subscribers to see a movie every day for a month for $9.95, are trying to get customers to go to more films by offering them “bad-movie insurance,” says Chief Executive Officer Mitch Lowe. Theater-chain Cinemark is also offering a subscription service and upgrading its locations so customers can enjoy nicer seats and even perks like food and alcohol. Will these efforts to modernize be enough to win back consumers?

According to Twitter, it doesn’t sound like it.

I don’t even go to a movie I want to see until 15 minutes AFTER the stated show time because I know there will be at least 25 minutes worth of trailers and other advertising.

Assigned seating would be nice. Also, this…


And finally…

Pretty sure I could get on board with that last suggestion.

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