The World’s First Underwater Hotel Residence Opened In The Maldives And MY GOD Is It Awesome

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iStockphoto / Jag_cz

The hotel world got a lot cooler this weekend the first-ever underwater luxury hotel residence opened up in The Maldives, the island nation in the Indian Ocean famous for having some of the most gorgeous sapphire blue water and scuba diving on the planet.

There have been underwater hotels before. I can think of one off the top of my head in The Florida Keys where guests had to scuba dive in and out, but this is on an entirely different level, it’s the world’s first luxury hotel residence and you’ll need some serious coin in the bank in order to afford a stay at ‘The Muraka’ at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

The Muraka is a two-story villa which can be found 16-feet below the sea with unparalleled views of the ocean. ‘Muraka’ means ‘coral’ in Dhivehi which is the local language. The Muraka suite has a private gym, bar, ocean-facing bathtub, butler’s quarters, infinity pool, and there’s a top floor which is actually above the water and that floor has a ‘relaxation deck’ for getting your tan on.

Just how expensive will it be? $50,000 a night, but it requires a 4-night stay. So you’ll need so shell out $200,000 for a trip to the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. In addition to your hotel suite, that $200K for the hotel will also provide you with use of a private boat and a personal chef on hand for all of your meals. And if you book the package you also automatically get Hilton Diamond status.

Is $200K worth the underwater views when the water is this gorgeous? You be the judge:

According to CNN, The Muraka villa is connected to the main Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort via a jetty which allows guests staying in the ultra-luxe Muraka to come up for air whenever they please.

The resort also has several floating villas which I’m sure you’ve seen from travel bloggers on Instagram. There’s also an underwater restaurant which has me thinking this is the ultimate destination for marine lovers. You can click here to check out more images of The Muraka on CNN’s website.

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