NASA Photo Of Mars Looks ‘Very Much Like A Crashed Aircraft’ Identical To Crash In Roswell, Says Expert

NASA Mars Photo Looks Like A Crashed Aircraft Identical To Roswell


It has been well-documented how much the powers-that-be in the world want to find out if Mars could be our best hope for an inhabitable planet should something catastrophic happen to our current home, Earth.

The list of stories surrounding the red planet is ever-growing.

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Speaking of NASA’s Curiosity rover, we can add another story to its lore, this time in relation to a photo it took as part of the Mars Science Laboratory project of some of the planet’s infamous debris.

Mars and Moon expert Joe Whiteart recently came across the photo and believes the debris bears a striking resemblance to a downed spacecraft spotted at Roswell in 1947.

In a video dissecting the images, Whiteart states, “What we are looking today at is a crash site. This, to me, looks very much like a crashed aircraft or missile or something very similar, possibly even a boat.”

“Just because it’s the same color as everything else doesn’t mean it is,” he adds while analyzing the photo. “The orange filter, it makes everything blend together and look at the same so it’s very hard to spot this stuff. Look at this stuff. This is technical wreckage. … It’s not until you actually enhance some of these things … Until you sharpen it it looks pretty much like a pile of rocks but it isn’t.”

While comparing the Mars photo to the 1947 Roswell crash photo, which the United States Army Air Force claimed was a weather balloon, Whiteart stated, “Does that look like a UFO? Doesn’t look like one to me. It also does not look like a weather balloon either.”

He later added, “The CIA was formed just after Roswell, I think, or was just before… it was around the same time in ’47 and were specifically put together to counter the UFO threat at the time. Now, a lot of UFOs at Roswell were probably test aircraft. I’m not saying they all were. I’m saying a lot of them probably were.”

His key finding, however, comes when he discusses the fact that there are parts in both photos that are “alomst identical.”

“Does that mean this is alien? No. Does it mean the wreckage in Mars is from Earth? No. But what it does suggest is that we are looking at aircraft wreckage in both cases,” he states.

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