Netflix Dumps Upcoming Chris D’Elia And Bryan Callen Unscripted Prank Show

Al Pereira/Getty Images

The fallout from June’s allegations against comedian Chris D’Elia for sexual misconduct has been tangible.

  • CAA dropped him.
  • Management company 3 Arts Entertainment dropped him.
  • Workaholics episode featuring D’Elia plucked from Comedy Central, Hulu and Amazon Prime.
  • D’Elia played an actual child molester in the episode.
  • Fellow comedians distancing themselves from him, with one of his best friends, Bryan Callen, deleting all photos with D’Elia from his Instagram account.

Now, we can add this to the list:

  • Netflix drops upcoming unscripted prank show from D’Elia and Callen.

According to the Los Angeles Times, D’Elia had just closed a deal with Netflix to make a non-scripted show with Bryan Callen, documenting the pair’s long-standing prank battle and tendency to rip on each other.

The show had yet to go into production, so the decision was an easy one for Netflix.

Last month, five women (two of them who were 18 at the time) suggested they meet up or “make out,” with one woman claiming the 40-year-old told her he would only meet her if she first gave his friend head, while two others alleged that he exposed his erect penis to them.

Here is Bryan Callen’s initial reaction to the allegations against one of his best friends, comparing it to “watching someone die.”

D’Elia staunchly claims he never knowingly pursued underage females.

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