Netflix’s Hit Movie ‘Bird Box’ Jumps Out To An Early Lead For Producing The Best Memes Of 2019

Netflix Movie Bird Box Best Memes


So, have you watched Netflix’s latest hit Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock? Based on some reports a big chunk of you reading this have indeed watched it.

I watched it because I am a sheep and it was an entertaining couple of hours. It’s certainly not the greatest film I have ever seen, but it was decent. Not sure why people call it the “scariest” movie they’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because the film might be a metaphor for social media. Spooky

That’s as good a guess as anything else I have seen, because after watching the movie, my only real thought was, “What exactly are the things that have caused the apocalypse?” It would have been nice for someone at some point to have explained that, no?

Anyhoo, that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here today because as is often the case with any short-lived cultural phenomomen, Bird Box and the plot surrounding it have been turned into some glorious memes.

First we’ve got the “can’t hear, can’t speak, can’t see…” memes.

We’ve also been rewarded with several Sandra Bullock is “the lady from Bird Box” tweets.

Naturally, there were many, MANY of your run-of-the-mill totally relatable slash comedic Bird Box memes.


And, of course, it wouldn’t be the internet if there weren’t a #BirdBoxChallenge.

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