Diehard Nintendo Fan Drops $3,500 Just To Complain About Trivial Issue At Investor Meeting

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Video games are just one of many hobbies that manage to attract plenty of people who end up getting a bit too emotionally invested in their pastime of choice.

However, at the risk of feeding into stereotypes and painting gamers with a wide brush, it’s not exactly a secret that many members of that particular community have a reputation for taking it way too seriously.

There are plenty of examples you could point to in order to highlight that reality—including the man who spent $40,000 on Nintendo stock last year in order to gain admission to an annual shareholder meeting just so he could ask company president Shuntaro Furukawa why it has seemingly abandoned the F-Zero franchise.

Based on what transpired earlier this week, it appears that stunt has sparked a bit of a trend.

According to Video Games Chronicle, Nintendo hosted its 83rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Japan on Friday and saw things temporarily derailed by an attendee who seized the microphone during a Q&A session in order to complain about the lack of customization available for male characters in Splatoon 3 compared to their female counterparts.

A Twitter user who chronicled the exchange said Furukawa unsuccessfully attempted to cut the man off for going over his allotted time before responding to the airing of grievances with an impressively passive-aggressive response, saying, “Thank you for your interest in playing our game. We appreciate your valuable opinion.”

The fanboy in question ultimately came forward to confirm he was the person who asked the question and posted evidence that showed he’d spent ¥512,000 ($3,570) to purchase the Nintendo stock that served as his ticket into a meeting he said he attended because none of the letters he’d previously sent had garnered a response.

While I typically try to avoid telling people how they should spend their own time or money, that seems like a bit of a waste.

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