Norm Macdonald Is Going Ballistic On The Dude Who Outed Shane Gillis And Relished In His Firing From ‘SNL’

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In the wake of Shane Gillis getting fired from SNL before his first day on the job for using racist and homophobic slurs in a 2018 podcast, several comedians took to Twitter to defend Gillis and lash out against cancel culture.

Bill Burr said that outrage culture is one of the most “misrepresented things out there” in that it makes “such a small percentage of people seem like they’re three million people.” Former SNL cast member Rob Schneider publicly apologized to Shane for his comedic misfires being “subject to the intolerable inquisition of those who never risked bombing on stage themselves.” Jim Norton pondered the question, “Why is a culture that lines up to watch a clown murder children so polarized over humor?”

No comedian was more incensed with the firing than former SNL cast member Norm Macdonald, who in the wake of the firing had this to say to Gillis:

Fast forward nearly a month later, Norm is still going in on Seth Simons, the comedy blogger who outed Gillis’ slurs and relished in his firing.

In a pair of tweets, Macdonald posted the following:

Ironically, the attached video above includes a skit Gillis was featured in in 2018 that attempts to demonstrate the dangers and buffoonery of cancel culture.

Macdonald also commented on a tweet posted by Simons.

Oh and as far as the spoken bird poetry Macdonald was shredding Simons for in his initial tweet, this is it:


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