The Band O.A.R. Just Launched A Special Edition Rye Whiskey To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

If there’s one drink that pairs perfectly with great music, it’s whiskey. Think about it: Both are artfully crafted with a tried-and-true process. Both are complex, multi-layer, and enjoyed in harmonious balance, with one tingling the ears and the other tingling the tastebuds. Both bring people together, enjoyed in the fellowship of others and in life’s quiet, introspective moments.

This past year, 2021, marked the band O.A.R.’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, the band is toasting the milestone with a special edition Roaming Man Tennesee Rye Whiskey, crafted in partnership with Tennessee-based Sugarlands Distilling Company.

The news comes on the heels of the announcement that O.A.R. will be joining forces with Dispatch on a 37-date tour in summer 2022. Stops include Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Atlanta, Cleveland, Nashville, Boston, Chicago, New York, Philly, Austin, Virginia Beach, and more. Remarkably, the tour marks the first time the two bands – both born in a similar Napster era in music, with a similar grassroots basement-rock vibe – have hit the road together.

Details on the O.A.R. whiskey

The Sugarlands x O.A.R. whiskey is a super small-batch run of the distillery’s incredibly popular Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey. According to the brand, the limited edition release is only available in a gift pack that includes one 375 ml bottle of Roaming Man and two neat tasting glasses in special O.A.R. packaging – details on where and how are only available via

Only 1,000 bottles of the Roaming Man O.A.R. 25th anniversary gift packs are being produced for this release. 

O.A.R. Roaming Man Whiskey with Sugarlands Distillery

According to Sugarlands, the O.A.R. whiskey collab is finished in honey barrels using Pap’s Hilltop Honey, a family-owned multi-generational bee apiary in Southern Ohio. To produce this limited-run edition, Roaming Man Straight Rye Whiskey barrels were emptied and refilled with Pap’s Hilltop Honey. The honey aged in the barrels for six months before being emptied and refilled with 32-to-36-month Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey, where it rested for an additional 22 months.

The result? A super mellow, slightly sweet rye that packs a delicious punch.

Additionally, Sugarlands will release Jammin’ Peach, a new ready-to-drink (RTD) moonshine cocktail in collaboration with O.A.R., available in summer 2022 – just in time for tour. 

The distillery describes Jammin’ Peach as an adult beverage with “sweet and velvety taste of ripe summer peaches with Sugarlands’ signature moonshine.” Sugarlands will also become the Official Moonshine of O.A.R. and Roaming Man will become the Official Whiskey of O.A.R.

“Partnering with Sugarlands to develop these releases and help us celebrate our 25th anniversary as a band has been a great experience,” said O.A.R. lead singer Marc Roberge in a press release. “We hope our fans grab some Roaming Man and Jammin’ Peach, then make plans to join us as we hit the road next summer.” 

Sugarlands also has a partnership with country artist Cole Swindell, producing his Pre-Show Punch and Cole Swindell’s Peppermint Moonshine, with a crisp taste and a hint of light cocoa and cream.

In summary – that’s a limited edition whiskey and a new canned cocktail for O.A.R. Personally, I can’t wait to reunite with my high school poker buddies to give each a shot. Will be a grand old time for all of us aging 30-somethings.

From 2002 – 2004, we played a lot of poker in our parents’ basements listening to the Rockville, Maryland-based band, with “Crazy Game Of Poker” on repeat over and over again. I’ll never forget seeing them at Elizabethtown College back in the day, one of my first and formative live show experiences in 10th grade – “To Zion Goes I” and “About An Hour Ago” go hard.

You know what that means – Time to read up on our completely scientific list of best O.A.R. songs and throw on our Frayed Brimmed Dirty White Hat With College Name On It Playlist.

Cheers to 25 years, O.A.R. Stoked to raise a glass and help you celebrate.





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