Ohio Gas Station Drops Price To Just $0.69 Per Gallon, Which Would Be ‘Nice’ If We Were Going Anywhere

Cleveland Ohio Gas Station Drops Price To Just 69 Per Gallon


A gas station in Cleveland, Ohio dropped its price to just $0.69 per gallon this week, the lowest price America has seen since 1978, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Speedy’s Grub Shack started selling gas at just $0.89 per gallon on Saturday, but by the end of the day on Monday the gas station had lowered its price per gallon to just $0.69 in an effort to assist those struggling financially.


“It’s to help the essential people out and just get a little competition out there,” Speedy’s told The Drive. “Trying to get through these rough times together as a community, we are also helping out the needy and doing delivery for people who don’t want to leave their homes!”

Needless to say, the greatly reduced gas price caused quite a stir with cars lined up down the street, blocking traffic, and according to Speedy’s, resulted in city officials warning the station against further aggressive price drops as people ended up violating social distancing rules.

However, on Wednesday, Speedy’s posted another image of the $0.69 price with the caption, “Who wants to see the price drop today!? ….are people going to follow social distancing guidelines? Hmmm…”


According to AAA, the national pump price for regular gasoline has dropped to $1.99 per gallon – the cheapest average in four years.

The 10 states with the lowest average gas prices for regular gasoline as of Wednesday…

1. Wisconsin $1.539
2. Oklahoma $1.540
3. Ohio $1.621
4. Kentucky $1.661
5. Michigan $1.683
6. Indiana $1.693
7. Mississippi $1.704
8. Texas $1.720
9. Missouri $1.725
10. Kansas $1.741

The 10 states with the highest average gas prices for regular gasoline as of Wednesday…

1. Hawaii $3.357
2. California $3.023
3. Washington $2.742
4. Oregon $2.691
5. Nevada $2.618
6. Alaska $2.482
7. Arizona $2.437
8t. Utah $2.326
8t. New York $2.326
10. Idaho $2.316

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