One Million Iconic Movie Frames in Five Minutes! See How Many Your Brain Can Spot

one million movie frames

Vimeo / Really Dim

This is one of the wildest clips I’ve ever seen. There’s so much editing sorcery afoot I don’t even know where to begin here.

Someone spliced together an almost unbelievable 1,000,0000 iconic movie stills into a 5-minute video. There’s no fluid story here, just a bunch of iconic movie shots that your mind already recognizes. It’s all flashing so quickly that there’s really no way for your mind to slow things down. This isn’t like staring at a ceiling fan and looking at one of the fan blades while you follow it around so you can actually see the fan’s movement. The movie frames just keep coming and coming, yet somehow your brain is going to spot a few of the movie stills which have left an indelible imprint on your mind over the years.

Go ahead and fire this clip up, then try and keep track of how many movie stills you recognized. It’s actually pretty remarkable how your brain will speed up throughout this clip and you’ll become a lot better at spotting them/remember them as the video progresses:

Now that we’ve watched the video I’d just like to question the math going on here. In order to get 1,000,000 frames into a 5-minute video, that means there would have to be somewhere around 3,000 frames per second which is impossible for a clip like this. Even if the video was 60 frames per second that means there would only be 18,000 frames in this clip (5min = 300 seconds = 18,000 frames at 60FPS). I don’t even know how to go about determining how many frames were in this video but I feel like whoever made the clip could’ve been a bit more truthful.

(h/t Sploid-Gizmodo)

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