Optical Illusion That Tricks Your Mind To Thinking Black And White Photo Is Color Goes Viral

Optical illusion that tricks your mind into thinking a black and white photo is a color pic goes viral on Twitter.

iStockphoto / licsiren

Your eyes can be easily deceived. Your eyes and mind can even be tricked into thinking that a black and white photo is actually a color photo. This was confirmed by an optical illusion that went viral this week on Twitter.

Take a quick glance at this photo. It appears to be a color photo with everyone wearing different colored shirts. However, the photo is actually black and white with a colored grid that causes the entire photo to appear colored.

Your mind is predicting what the photo should look like based on previous data and experiences. The grey-colored shirts appear to be red, green, blue and yellow. The tweet went viral and has over 40,000 Likes.

Here is another color-less photo that appears to be full of color because of the addition of the colored grid.

Here is another example of your brain filling in colors for color-less objects.

This is the Munker illusion, where circles and stripes seem to have different colors depending on how you see them. Here are more examples of the Munker Illusion.

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There have been plenty of mind-numbing optical illusions on Twitter that have driven people crazy because they can’t trust what their eyes are seeing.

What do you see a beach or a car gate? After 20 minutes, I still don’t see a car gate.

Do you see a beach or a door? I’m seeing beaches again and must have beaches on my mind.

Check out more optical illusions HERE.

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