Head-Scratching Optical Illusion Is Bewildering The Internet Because Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You

Optical illusions are interesting because it shows that your own eyes and brain can deceive you. Images mess with your mind as what you thought you saw wasn’t exactly how it was in reality. A bewildering optical illusion wowed the internet this week and it will definitely question what you are seeing.

Alice Proverbio, who is a cognitive neuroscience professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca (braggart), shared an optical illusion that will completely f*ck with your brain. You’ll notice that the image appears to be moving, but it is not. This is not a GIF. This is a motionless image. The image does need to be viewed on a larger screen and probably not get the same effect when viewed on a small smartphone display.

How the f*ck is that not a GIF? This image moves more than Chucky Brown during his NBA career.

So why the f*ck does this image look like it is moving when it isn’t? I’d gladly explain the scientific reasons for this optical illusion, but since we have a fellow expert, I’ll let Alice Proverbio have the honor of dropping some knowledge on those who aren’t familiar with neuroscience.

That’s exactly what I was going to say.

Here are some similar optical illusions that demonstrate that your eyes and brain can sometimes deceive you.

You didn’t think I wouldn’t hit you off with some Geto Boys did you?