Ordering Dessert At A Restaurant Continues To Be The Most Awkward Process Of All Time

ordering dessert at a restaurant

Kobby Mendez/Unsplash

On Ep. 85 of The Brilliantly Dumb Show, we tackled a topic that I think we all can relate to and definitely needs some recognition. Have you ever noticed how awkward the dessert ordering process is when dining out? It’s something that has been going on for years yet we have never thought to discuss it.

You could be having the night of your lives at dinner, conversation at a premium, wine and food going down the hatch with ease, and then everything changes when it’s time for dessert. Why does this process have to be so awkward? Even the waiter approaches the table every single time with a very awkward ask of whether you want dessert or not. It is almost like they are embarrassed or scared to even suggest that your table may want something for dessert.

I tend to be the guy that always wants the dessert but immediately has to slam on the brakes when that one person at the table gives a quick “No, thank you I am so full.” But that same person who claims to be so full, then realizes that he might have responded too quickly and should have at least checked with the rest of the table to see if they want dessert. This then instantly puts me against the ropes and gives me no choice but to claim I am full when I am really not.


That leads us to the third part of the awkward process when another diner at the table realizes you actually do want dessert and tells you to get it out of courtesy. They try and act like they have something left in the tank to not make you feel bad and guilt trip you into ordering the key lime pie you were eying since you sat down at the table. All hell then breaks loose when the dessert comes out and that same guy who “was so full” and couldn’t fathom the thought of another course, ends up eating more than the guy that ordered the dessert.

The dessert process is always a mess and a sure thing to create nothing but awkwardness at your table. Why can’t we get this figured out?