A Series About The Infamous Tommy Lee And Pamela Anderson Tape Is Coming

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If you weren’t around in the 90s, it’s difficult to overstate just how much of a cultural phenomenon the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape was. Put it this way, Kim Kardashian has since launched a billion-dollar empire on the back of her own sex tape, but the eldest Kardashian was only able to run after it was Anderson who first walked. Now, like all remotely significant moments in history, the legendary tale of Tommy Lee’s third leg and Pam Anderson’s natural flotation devices are being turned into a series.

Lily James, who has starred in films like Baby Driver, Darkest Hour, and Yesterday, will star as the titular (I simply couldn’t resist, similar to how I couldn’t resist using “coming” in the headline, which I bet you didn’t even catch until right now) Pamela Anderson, while Sebastian Stan of Marvel Cinematic Universe fame will play Motley Crue drumming legend Tommy Lee. Not only that, but Seth Rogen, who’s producing the series, will also likely star was the dude who stole the sex tape. Sign us up. Just imagine the scene of Rogen fleeing the Lee/Anderson home doing his trademark stoner giggle.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan are on board to play former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in a new limited series for Hulu going by the working title Pam & Tommy. The rockstar couple’s relationship dominated the tabloids for years, including the scandal of when their sex tape from their honeymoon was stolen and leaked to the public. Seth Rogen is on board to play the man who stole the tape, with I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie helming the series and Rob Siegel writing. [via Deadline

According to reports, the miniseries will begin shooting in the Spring, which puts it on track for a late 2021, early 2022 release. If you want to do some research prior to the series premiere, I imagine the tape is still out there on the internet, somewhere.

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