Listening To Pat McAfee Tell The Story Of His 2010 Arrest After Allegedly Jumping In A Lake While Piss Drunk Is Prime Time Entertainment

pat mcafee arrested jumping in lake

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Just like any good movie script, you need the right character to be able to really tell the story the way it should be told. Someone with high energy that can take you to a moment as if you were actually there. Which is why the story of Pat McAfee being arrested in 2010 for ‘allegedly’ jumping in a lake while blackout drunk, is best told by McAfee himself.

McAfee was coming off his rookie year with the Indianapolis Colts when they made a Super Bowl run only to fall short to the New Orleans Saints back in 2010. It started with some day drinking that then led to a happy hour, followed by more drinks on top of that. Hours later, McAfee says he was dripping wet when pulled over by officers just outside of a lake in Indianapolis in 30-degree weather. When officers asked McAfee why he was swimming in the lake, his response was “I am not sure.” When they proceeded to ask where his shirt was he said it’s “in the water.” Then when asked how much he has had to drink McAfee responded with, “a lot, because I am drunk.”


It is an encounter that only McAfee can tell best in perfect McAfee fashion. The ordeal then led to a meeting with Colts owner Jim Irsay the next day, which was then followed up by a one-week suspension. McAfee would like you all to keep in mind that it was indeed a bye week for the Colts that week, therefore you really can’t be too harsh on the guy for deciding to go full blackout for a night.

This is yet another reason and clip of why Pat McAfee was not only my favorite interview of all time, but on my Top 5 for most desired guest list before landing him on The Brilliantly Dumb Show. A full-blown electric factory that you just can not get enough of.

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