‘Pat McAfee Show’ Discusses Possible Alien Sighting At Donald Trump’s Hearing

Stock photo of an alien

iStockphoto / vchal

The Pat McAfee Show typically sticks to sports, specifically the NFL. However, the conversation took a turn when the crew began discussing aliens.

Apparently, there’s a video showcasing a possible alien attending Donald Trump’s most recent hearing.

Here is the alien video McAfee is discussing. Watch the ears and eyes of this man.

The eyes definitely seem a bit off. Also, the ears look like they’re moving strangely. McAfee and his crew speculate the man is using his ears to breathe.

Additionally, it’s a bit impossible to tell whether or not this “video” was filmed during Trump’s hearing or not.

Regardless, everyone on The Pat McAfee Show reacted to the bizarre alien clip.

Hey, maybe aliens are attending Donald Trump’s hearing. Who knows? With all of the UFO stuff going on, it’s easy to believe extraterrestrial life forms are living on Earth, right?

As McAfee points out, the internet usually does a great job of identifying people they see in videos.

So, maybe this strange, possibly alien, man will be identified soon.

On the other hand, this could be Elon Musk’s brother or something.

It certainly feels like there is a lot more speculation about extraterrestrial life than ever before. Maybe one-day the world will get some answers.