Pat Sajak Putting A Pro Wrestler In A Chokehold On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Becomes A Meme

Pat Sajak becomes a meme on Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak has been hosting the Wheel of Fortune for over 42 years. There have been more than a handful of weird moments over that time but it never ceases to amaze WoF fans when he breaks character.

This week, a Wheel of Fortune contestant pulled off a rare ‘perfect game.’ He swept every single puzzle on the show and then won the final puzzle and grand prize for a total of $75,000+ in prizes.

It should be mentioned that this contestant is also a professional wrestler. Pat Sajak took notice of this and after this impressive contestant rattled off a perfect Wheel of Fortune game, Pat then put him in an awkward headlock. Pat Sajak immediately became a new meme after that moment.

It was a strange ending to the perfect game which led to over $75,000 in prizes. In fact, it was such a bizarre ending that Wheel of Fortune rocketed to #2 on Google’s Real-Time Search Trends.

On social media, folks had thoughts about Pat’s bizarre behavior.

Pat putting the contestant in a chokehold instantly became a meme:

A meme that is going to follow Pat Sajak around for years:

Nobody should take the moment seriously. This is a correct take. Pat was proud of the contestant and joking around with him. Taken out of context it might look weird but it wasn’t.

After 42 years of hosting, Pat Sajak still knows how to keep WoF in the news. Case in point, this recent choke job below.

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