Wait, People Are Actually Eating Those Laundry Pods? And Now It’s A Meme? God Bless The Internet

People Eating Laundry Pods Meme


So people are apparently actually eating those colorful laundry pods like you see above mistaking them for candy. Yes, people are stupid. And yes, The Onion predicted this would happen.

And before you just assume, as you should, that the people doing the eating of these laundry pods are kids, welp, you would be wrong. (Unfortunately, it’s mostly adults with dementia that are eating these things and not those being weeded out by Darwinism.)

And now, because, internet, eating those colorful laundry pods has become a meme. And a very entertaining meme at that.

I already explained this, it’s because, internet.

Oh, come on!

Some enterprising soul on Twitter even tried to get Gushers candy to actually make those laundry pods a snack. They got blocked.

Even well-known singer Halsey admitted that the thought of eating them had crossed her mind as well.

They do look tasty. Mayyyybe


H/T The Daily Dot

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