Pete Davidson Seen In Altercation With Irritating Fan At The Knicks Game But Most Are On His Side

Pete Davidson sits courtside at a New York Knicks game.

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The New York Knicks are in the midst of one of their best seasons in recent memory. The team currently holds a 3-1 series advantage over the Cleveland Cavaliers as they look to close out the first-round set.

A win on Sunday helped get them one step closer, leaving fans in MSG excited about the opportunity to advance. But while most were over the moon about their most recent victory, one popular celebrity was seen visibly frustrated with one of his fellow Knicks supporters.

Pete Davidson was in the house for Game 4 of the series as he cheered New York on in their nine-point win. He was one of a number of celebs spotted in Madison Square Garden, but he might’ve made the longest lasting impression.

While interacting with fans, he was seen frustratingly pushing an older gentleman.

The fan invaded Davidson’s personal space, resulting in the shove. It appeared it wasn’t the first time this guy had harassed the actor.

He was seen hugging and grabbing Davidson on multiple occasions leading up to the outburst.

Fans, not surprisingly, were on the comedian’s side of the interaction as they posted replies to the video clip on social media.

One person wrote, “This random stranger completely invaded his personal space…the push was more than warranted.”

Someone else said, “He probably just doesn’t like to be touched by random fans.”

Pete Davidson has become a huge media personality as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, though much of his fame seems to stem from dating history rather than his time on the screen.

The actor has the support of his fanbase in this situation. We’ll see if he makes another appearance in Madison Square Garden as the playoffs continue.