A Philadelphia Couple’s Avengers-Themed Post-Pandemic Orgy Flyers Have Received So Many Inquiries, It Needs A Bigger Venue

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In a poll of just over 9,000 people from NBC News, less than a quarter of people said the coronavirus outbreak had positively affected their sex lives. The others are either business as usual or experiencing a dry spell akin my winter of 2007. A dark, dusty, trying time.

A Philadelphia couple has done their part in dusting off America’s dingeys by way of advertising an Avengers-themed “Post Pandemic Pan-Philadelphia Orgy” around their South Philly neighborhood.

The couple, a lighting engineer named Bob and a sex therapist named Alyssa, posted 30 flyers as a joke around their neighborhood, but they’ve received so many inquiries that they’re actually planning on going through with it now.

“Refreshments will be served.” Sold.

Bob and Alyssa spoke with the New York Post about America’s newfound thirst for orgies in the wake of unprecedented dry spells for many.

“This would be new territory for us, but it’s something that we’ve been open to,” says Alyssa, 29, who identifies as bisexual.

“I identify as heterosexual but open to new experiences,” says Bob, 25, adding he has had “small group experiences,” but nothing he’d call an orgy.

The response to the flyers has been wild. The couple has received emails from some 80 people so far, half of which they believe to be serious inquiries.

As for the Avengers theme, “We just like spandex, bodysuits and tights,” says Alyssa. “It seemed like a sexy, easy theme, and since this is new for us, it felt good to have some direction.” Plus, they agree, it’ll naturally incorporate masks.

Bob and Alyssa were planning on hosting the orgy at their apartment, but the response has been so overwhelming, that they need to seek out a bigger venue.

“No matter how big this gets, we’ll put something together,” Bob says.

Only downside to group sex? You have to visit Philly to do it.

[h/t New York Post]

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