People Shared Their Biggest ‘Prom FAILs’ And This Is Definitely Relatable To A Lot Of People Out There

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Prom night is one of those adolescent evenings that gets blown WAAAAAAYYYYYY out of proportion for no reason in particular. It’s not graduation. It’s not the last thing you do in high school. School dances teach you absolutely nothing about life and society. I suppose they teach you how to tie a necktie if you’re a guy but that’s something most dudes learn at Church, Graduation, or Cotillion.

For my own prom, I was what you might classify as a hot mess. I was coming off knee surgery for a torn meniscus and had been popping pills like it was my job in life because it was a particularly painful recovery and this was in Florida at a time (a few years back) when doctors were overprescribing pain meds. Prom night was the first night I’d been able to take off my knee immobilizer in months, I was ready to get after it, and I’ll spare you all the details but you can fill in the blanks yourselves.

Prom falls at a time of PEAK anxiety for high schoolers. When they’re about to blast off into college and the real world and leave their parent’s homes. It’s often before final exams so students are stressing about graduation. It’s just not a great night 95% of the time. Mine honestly was pretty good aside from the fact that I was overmedicated but I know that’s not the case for a lot of people, like the ones below.

All of these people are sharing their biggest ‘Prom FAILs’ on Twitter using the hashtag #PromFAIL and this is extremely relatable to a lot of people. One of the most underwhelming nights of adolescence brings out the crazy in a lot of people and here are the best tweets (so far):

I don’t really see how this one is a FAIL.

Way to go, Grant.

A prom fist fight sounds like one of the most eventful nights of the year.

Kind of sums up my night coming off knee surgery.

Orange? But why?

Folks, we have a winner.

If you have anything you want to add to this collection you can pop on Twitter and share yours with the hashtag #PromFail. And you can always find me on Twitter at @casspa!

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