PSA: We Have A Facebook Group Now

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed some stuff around here over the last couple weeks. New logo. New color scheme. New categories. New mission. In a nutshell, we’re evolving. We aspire to be the ultimate digital destination for products and stories that make your life more chill and even more successful — That’s why there’s a new emphasis on what we publish day-to-day here at BroBible: We want you, our beloved readers, to know things like how to be a millionaire by the time your 40, how to bulk and build muscle, what kind of tactical backpacks you should buy, what’s worth throwing you money at on Kickstarter, in addition to insightful interviews with some of the biggest Bros in the world: Rob Riggle, Greg Olsen, John Cenathe Bro who quit his corporate job to start a Hawaiian shirt company.

We have a Success vertical now.

We have a Fitness vertical now.

We have a Style vertical now.

We have a Relationships vertical now.

You get the point — There will be many more things like this to come. In the meantime, we wanted to create a virtual space where likeminded dudes can hangout and talk about the things that are important to them: Entrepreneurship, the differences between a Toyota Tacoma and a Chevy Colorado Z71, bachelor party ideas, fishing trips, the upcoming Mayweather-Mcgregor fight, delicious IPAs, ways to successfully pull a Cartman:

We aspire to be your guide to living chill. That’s why we started an official BroBible Facebook Group, because Facebook Groups are all the rage these days when it comes to great online communities. All are welcome! Go join it, talk amongst yourselves, and chay out with your fellow Bros.

As always, thank you for reading BroBible.

Stay chill.

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