Top Quantum Physicist Believes USS Nimitz UFO Used ‘Metamaterial’ And Time-Traveled To Reach 19,000 MPH

Top Quantum Physicist Believes Nimitz UFO Time-Traveled Used Metamaterial


The mystery of the USS Nimitz UFO is one UFO story that is not going to go away. There has just been too much evidence revealed that something extraordinary happened off the coast of San Diego in November of 2004.

A USS Nimitz technician was allegedly forced to sign a NDA after witnessing the Tic Tac UFO from a Navy spy plane.

The United States Navy has admitted it has additional “top secret” footage of the USS Nimitz UFO encounter, but refuses to release it.

The Navy pilot who filmed the encounter and five others who witnessed it all agree that the Tic Tac UFO broke all the laws of physics.

And now, one of the world’s top quantum physicists, Dr. Jack Sarfatti, has suggested that the tic tac UFO was able to attain its otherworldly speed and maneuverablity by using a “metamaterial” that allowed it to time travel.

During a recent appearance on The Hidden Truth Show, Sarfatti told host James Breslo, “See the problem is this, if you read any of the standard papers in the field, if they’re talking about warp drive, time travel and wormholes they say the problem is it ‘takes too much energy’ to achieve it.”

“The tic tac does not need a lot of energy,” he continued. “They observed the tic tac going from 80,000-feet down to 50-feet in less than two seconds and there’s no jet engines, no flares. It’s going at thousands of Gs, how’s it doing that? There is no way it can do that by conventional propulsion.”

“What happens is that if you pump electromagnetic energy into the material, it can have a certain kind of what’s called a resonance. In that resonance, the speed of light inside the material can go down to a very small number.”

However, despite the fact that there is a “huge metamaterial industry now” in the United States, as Sarfatti puts it, he doesn’t believe the USS Nimitz UFO was created from our technology.

He goes on to explain that the UFO was using something akin to time travel to reach its physics-defying speed.

“Since the space is contracting, it’s like pulling the starship and then behind the starship in the tail you have an anti-gravity source, a negative repulsive gravity and that’s expanding space so that’s so that’s pushing it from behind, pulling it from the front,” he explained. “But the ship itself, locally, it’s not moving at all in its local gravitational field. So it’s not moving through space it’s folding space.”

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“A causal loop is a paradox of time travel that occurs when a future event is the cause of a past event, which in turn is the cause of the future event,” said Sarfatti. “Both events then exist in spacetime, but their origin cannot be determined.”

Is your brain melting yet?

Sarfatti also stated, “I think Trump probably knows enough of what’s going on that he would take it seriously.”

Of that I have little doubt.

If you somehow were able to follow all of that you’re a better man than I. All I know for sure after hearing Sarfatti speak on the subject is that…

the truth is out there


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