The Entire Internet Is Captivated By This Raccoon That Scaled A 25-Story Building In Minnesota


They say inspiration can come from anywhere. Today, I have been inspired to follow my dreams, at least until I get tired and give up, by a courageous raccoon from St. Paul, Minnesota.

At around 2:30 am, a live feed from the scene captured the creature scaling up and over the top of a 25-story building after maintenance workers removed the creature from the roof of another office in the area. After removal, the raccoon decided to scale the UBS tower — one of the tallest buildings in the city.

What’s most impressive about the dude’s feat is that the building has no balconies or windows that open, so once  he went up, he had no lifelines.

Here’s a pic of the little guy stopping to take a nap on the ledge of the 23rd floor.

Before barreling on.

The raccoon became famous overnight, even somehow creating a Twitter account on his trip up. Mistakes were made.

Workers at the UBS Plaza announced Wednesday morning that the raccoon had reached the roof overnight, grabbed some cat food left up there and found itself trapped in one of the cages that were set by Wildlife Management Services.

Tad Vezner of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Wildlife Management Services are planning on releasing the animal in Minnesota’s rural areas.

“A staffer at the private firm said they were still arranging for a live release,” Vezner notes. “She added that the firm’s technicians live in the rural areas of Rogers and Zimmerman, Minn., beyond the northwest Twin Cities exurbs, and they would typically release it there.”

Follow your dreams, folks. Nothing is impossible.

[h/t NPR]

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