Thieves Pull Off Heist Of $100,000 Worth Of Ramen And There Are So Many Questions

Criminals pulled off a huge heist when they stole a tractor-trailer. However, they managed to steal possibly the least valuable item that exists on the planet — ramen noodles. The thieves stole nearly $100,000 worth of ramen.

Between July 25 and August 1, 2018, a team of thieves stole a trailer that was outside a Chevron gas station in Fayetteville, Georgia. Inside the 53-foot trailer was ramen. A lot of ramen. Approximately $98,000 worth of ramen. I’ve got so many questions. All of the ramen in the entire world would not even equate to $98,000, let alone fit in one trailer.

I’ll assume this was the reaction by the mastermind behind the massive robbery when he heard on the radio that his underlings pulled off the heist of an 18-wheeler.

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And this was the reaction when he heard his minions stole a truck full of cheap-ass ramen noodles and not something actually valuable like TVs.

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Imagine risking going to jail for 10 years over some ramen? We’re talking about ramen. Going to jail for a long time for stealing noodles.

One packet of these noodles can have nearly 1,000 milligrams of sodium, that’s about 35% of your daily salt intake. I hope these thieves understand the health dangers from too much salt in your diet such as high blood pressure, which causes strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys, and brain. Sure stolen ramen is delicious because you didn’t pay anything for it, but there are major health concerns.

Let’s see, a 3oz package of Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor costs $0.29, so that means that the thieves stole approximately $337,931 bags of noodles. And that’s if it’s the retail price, if it was $98,000 wholesale then they could have something like 500,000 packets of ramen. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH 500,000 PACKAGES OF RAMEN?!?!

I’m not sure how one unloads that massive amount of ramen without tipping off the authorities. If I was the local police I’d start canvassing college campuses for leads. Then if you found just one person is selling ramen in the streets, that’s probably your thief right there. And a person caught selling boxes with 50 bags of black market ramen in a back alley of Georgia is automatically your thief, no need to waste time or taxpayers’ money for a trial because that individual is guilty AF.

I swear to God, if this heist causes my Ramen packets to go from $0.29 to $0.31 there is going to be Hell to pay.