Here Are The Real Stories Behind 10 Of The Most Popular Memes To Grace The Internet

by 2 years ago

YouTube - TheWacky

Memes. The internet cannot get enough of them. In fact, without memes would there even be an internet? Oh yeah, porn. Forgot about that for a sex, I mean sec. But seriously, I actually wonder what percentage of the internet is actually taken up by memes and, umm, adult films. Has to be like 50% or more, right? That number is probably even higher for just Twitter.

Anyway, have you ever wondered how some of the many popular internet memes came to exist? No? How about now that I have asked you that question, are you curious now? Great! (I’m pretending you said yes.) Because the video below doles out the stories behind 10 of the most famous memes to achieve internet fame.


As the people who created this entertaining and informative video, TheWacky, point out, “We tend to just look at a meme and take it for face value. But, there is a story behind every meme you see online. Before they became the source of our cheap laughs, these people and animals were living and breathing individuals living their own life.”

And now these people and animals have become ingrained into the fabric of the internet. Even if they had absolutely zero desire for that to happen.

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