Here’s How To Ask Netflix To Add Movies And Shows You Want Them To Stream

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A few years ago, Netflix was the prime destination for cord cutters who wanted a vast library of movies and television shows at their disposal, but as the company shifts to creating more original content (they’ve devoted $8 billion to in-house projects in 2018 alone), there’s been a noticeable drop in the variety of notable titles the platform formerly boasted.

As a number of competitors attempt to go toe-to-toe with the streaming juggernaut, people who attempted to save money by ditching cable are basically required to subscribe to multiple services in order to gain access to the constantly changing libraries of Hulu and Amazon Video. However, if you’re a Netflix devotee who doesn’t want to shell out more money than necessary to expand your cinematic horizons, you might have more of a voice than you think.

According to Mashable, the Twitter account for Netflix Philippines recently revealed the company’s website has a page where you can request content you’d like to stream thanks to one user who really wanted to watch a Chelsea Peretti stand-up special.

Netflix users are allowed to suggest up to three titles they’d like to see on the service, but even if they don’t manage to make your dreams come true, their magical algorithm will apparently give you some suggested titles to fit your tastes.

Choosing which content to request is kind of like picking the three things you’d bring with you to a deserted island, so you’ll want to choose carefully. I can only hope Netflix seriously considers my suggestion to buy the rights to Timecop and the Under Siege movies.

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