Rob Gronkowski Visits Fan Awaiting Heart Transplant Whose One Wish Was To Meet Him

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The reports of Rob Gronkowski potentially leaving New England hasn’t stopped the 28-year-old’s plentiful charitable contributions to the community.

Gronk, who received the Patriots coveted Ron Burton Community Service Award in 2016 for his unparalleled charitable service, has made another fan’s dream come true.

The All-Pro tight end dropped into 27-year-old Lauren Meizo’s room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston as she waits for a new heart and kidney. Meizo has been living at the hospital for 85 days in hopes she’ll receive a second heart transplant in five years.

Meizo, who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, had just one wish as she waits for the life-saving organs: to meet Rob Gronkowski:

“I had so much fun the first time [she got a transplant] I wanted to up the ante,” Meizo joked in a video posted on YouTube in March. “I would love for Rob Gronkowski — ‘Gronk’ — from the New England Patriots to deliver the news when I get the call.”

Lauren told NBC Boston last week:

“Mentally, I’m doing fine, not ready to give up yet. I’ve done this before, I can do it again. I need a pick-me-up. I think it’d be great if he walked through the door!”

Wish granted.

Gronk has a history of keeping his altruistic deeds private, but his brother Gordie isn’t as hush hush.

According to Fox, the Gronkowski brothers brought Meizo a bunch of Patriots swag–including an autographed football, teddy bear, and jersey.

Are you in need of a new favorite NFL player? Do me a favor and Google “Rob Gronkowski hospital.” Check out not only how many visits Gronk has made to countless patients but how engaged he looks and how genuinely happy he is to be there. I’ve got the chills…

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How dare you accuse me of crying.

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