Dude Arrested For Wearing 10 Layers Of Clothes To Avoid Airline Baggage Fees Is My Hero

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Airline fees are the worst. We’re already forced to fork over stupid sums of money for tiny ass seats on airplanes that are decades old. The flight crew gives us a tiny cup of ice water and wants us to act like we’ve been poured a glass of 1961 Dom Perignon. It’s a miserable experience and it’s one that we’ve all been through and for some reason we just accept how shitty it is. One man decided to take a stand. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out too well for him.

A UK-based designer named Ryan Hawaii didn’t have the $$$$$ for his overweight airline baggage fees so he decided to take some weight out of his bags by putting on 10 shirts and 8 pairs of pants. You’d think that the airline would then let him through with light baggage but that wasn’t the case.

British Airways denied him a boarding pass at Keflavik Airport in Iceland to two flights and they turned him away for his stunt. Unfortunately for British Airways, your dude managed to catch the entire ordeal on video which he’s shared on Twitter. The story has since been picked up by VICE and other outlets and it’s already turning in a PR shit show for British Airways. Here’s Ryan Hawaii in action, wearing all the clothes at Keflavik Airport:

VICE reports that Ryan Hawaii was finally able to catch a flight back to the U.K. days later (on Sunday) aboard a Norweigan airline. The Daily Mail is reporting that Ryan was initially told by British Airways that they couldn’t refund his two plane tickets, that there was nothing they could do. But they later went back on this according to the Mail and compensated him for his lost flights.

According to the Telegraph, a spokesman for British Airways said the incident had nothing to do with race (alleged above in Ryan’s tweets). They said the airline has a zero-tolerance policy for ‘threatening or abusive behavior’ and that’s why he wasn’t allowed to board the flights.

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