Ryan Reynolds Dunks All Over Hugh Jackman’s Touching Anniversary Tribute To His Wife


Brad-Angelina: Done. Chris Pratt-Anna Faris: No more. Chad Kroeger-Avril Lavigne: Smell ya. Selena Gomez-The Weeknd: Love lost. Jennifer Lawrence-Darren Aronofsky: No longer having sexual intercourse.

Bottom line: famous people shouldn’t get married. You mix insatiable egos with incongruent traveling schedules with endless other sexual opportunities and your marriage is going to work as well as my hog after a few post-dinner martinis.

With that said, there are the diamonds in the rough, the ones who succeed beyond all odds. Enter Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness. The latter have been married for 22 years, which in celebrity terms translates to like five lifetimes in matrimony. They remain one of the longest tenured marriage in Hollywood.

On the day of their 22nd wedding anniversary, Jackman penned a heartfelt message to his wife with a shout out to their two children–Oscar, 17, and Ava, 12.

Heartwarming. Tender. Emotional. Twitter sure thought so.

Aaaaand then he got dunked on by Ryan Reynolds.

It’s funny. It’s funny because it’s true.