Ryan Reynolds Says He’s Only Had Sex With His Wife Twice, Trolls ‘John Wick’ In New ‘Deadpool’ Poster

Ryan Reynolds Sex Wife Blake Lively Twice

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As I have said several times before, perhaps the best part of Ryan Reynolds having a new movie coming out is the fact that he then has to make the rounds promoting it. Half the time (or more) when he is supposed to be talking about his movie he instead just sits around cracking jokes.

Now, technically, Once Upon A Deadpool isn’t a true “new” movie, but it is being released into theaters shortly so Reynolds would like it to make even more money. For that reason, he appeared on Ellen to talk about the movie, and, well, mostly everything else but the movie.

While discussing a recent rip to Abu Dhabi, in which he brought his two young daughters, Ellen asked him how old his youngest was, and his immediate response was, “That happened from sex.”

“So, you’ve only had sex the twice?” asked Ellen.

“Yep, it’s a mercenary job som you know. It’s just clinical,” replied a stone-faced Reynolds. “Hoping for a third soon. They say you need to do ten thousand hours of anything you want to be an expert at, so…”

Good thing for him both times produced a kid.

Meanwhile, over on social media, where Reynolds also always kills, he revealed a new poster for Once Upon A Deadpool with a nice litte Easter Egg for all the John Wick fans out there.

“I’ll never forgive David Leitch for what he did to that dog in John Wick,” Reynolds captioned the poster.

Love it.

Leitch, by the way, directed both Deadpool 2 as well as John Wick.

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