Ryan Reynolds Had An A+ Comeback For Warner Bros. When They Asked For Green Lantern’s Ring Back

by 1 year ago

20th Century Fox / Warner Bros.

Last week, as Deadpool 2 was rolling into theaters, the company that first employed Ryan Reynolds as a comic book superhero, Warner Bros., decided to make light of the fact that his superhero movie for them (which Reynolds claims to have never watched all the way through) turned out to be a giant bomb.

On Friday, the official WB Home Entertainment Twitter account wrote to Reynolds, “We tried to put a ring on it! #GreenLantern @VancityReynolds.”

Kind of funny, right? Getting a little free publicity on the back of Deadpool for a turd of a film from 2011. We can live with that. Humor is good! Not that it stopped folks on Twitter from cracking some pretty good jokes and taking some shots at WB.

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