SantaCon 2018 Was Everything You Expected – Fights, Public Urination And Andy Cohen Crashing A Christmas Party

SantaCon is a day for everyone to dress up as Santa Claus (and have an excuse to get extremely shitfaced), celebrate the spirit of Christmas (and have an excuse to get extremely shitfaced), and a fun way to give to charity (and have an excuse to get extremely shitfaced). Saturday is SantaCon and people around the world

There was much public urination and even some public vomiting on this festive holiday celebrated around the world. Whether you were celebrating SantaCon in the holiday’s birthplace of San Francisco or Portland or New York City or London there was a common theme of merriment, Santa suits with puke stains, and overindulging in alcohol starting early in the morning.

And it wouldn’t be SantaCon without an all-out brawl between some jolly Old St. Nicks, who have partaken in a few too many spiked eggnogs.

Then there was this insane moment when a human Rube Goldberg machine was set off by a drunk falling off a car’s hood causing an innocent passer-by to bash her face into the pavement giving her a bloody face.

Then there was Andy Cohen crashing a SantaCon party. The E! host was stalking a SantaCon party that was going on a couple of buildings away from his. And after several Instagram Stories, the hosts of the party invited Cohen and after much debate and deliberation, Andy randomly showed up at the SantaCon bash with his dog Wacha. The jolly Kris Kringles welcomed him with open arms and tequila shots.

The valuable lesson we all learned this SantaCon is that your friends were once strangers and the entire purpose of SantaCon is to have an excuse to get extremely shitfaced.