Shane Gillis, Comedian Cancelled Off SNL, Is Making Phenomenal Sketches

You may remember Shane Gillis as the comedian who was fired from SNL before he even started. He’s a tremendous comic and someone I truly can’t stand to be on the same show as, given that he makes the crowd forget anyone who performs before or after him. Seriously, when live comedy returns, make a point to see him at a club before you have to pay $100/ticket to see him in a theater somewhere.

If you were wondering what Shane’s been up to, turns out he’s doing pretty damn well. The Patreon for his much-maligned podcast, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, is breathing down 10,000 subscribers. Beyond that, he’s making 10/10 sketches like this ISIS Toyota sketch. Now, take my review with a grain of salt—Shane is a friend, and we are brothers in cancellation, if you will (though I humbly recognize that getting fired from SNL is a slightly larger kettle of fish from getting the boot from Barstool). So I’ve been rooting for him whenever we’re not on a lineup together.

Anyway, enjoy the sketch and throw the guy a subscribe. I’d love nothing more than to see Netflix give him a sketch show that blows SNL out of the water, just like another SNL castoff Tim Robinson.